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  Asia-Pacific Productions was established in June 1984 by Tom Hopkins and Miyuki Shigeji. We are a full service television and video production company specializing in documentaries, news and feature pieces, industrial presentations,corporate ID, promotional and educational productions.The combined expertise of our staff spans more than 40 years of professional production experience including documentary and motion picture film, videotape and new media such as CD-ROM and DVD digital imagery. 

Asia-Pacific Productions now has two offices to better serve our clients. 

Kobe, Japan
Kobe, Japan
The Eastern Headquarters remains where Asia-Pacific Productions began, in Kobe, Japan.  Kobe is conveniently situated in the area known as "The Kansai," near Osaka, Japan's second largest city and one of the countries major industrial centers.     Kobe is about 600 Kilometers to the west of Tokyo.


  Kobe is the home of the famous Akashi Straits Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world. Within an hour or two drive are the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara whose numerous temples and antiquated streets inspire the classic images of Japan.  The proximity to the new Kansai International Airport also allows us faster access to the rest of Asia than is currently available from Tokyo.

Portland, Oregon
Portland photos by Andrew Hall,
  Opened in September 2002, our Western Headquarters in Portland, Oregon is well positioned to handle production jobs in both the United States and in Japan.    Portland is rapidly becoming a center for trade and investment not only in Japan but the rest of Asia as well.  Our new facilities here will put us in a position to do what we've always done best, further the communication and understanding between East and West. We are a member of the Oregon Media Production Association, OMPA.



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